This service shows us a statistical status of metadata,
except for GEOSS involved metadata,
and its cache data on a daily basis that GISC Seoul has contained over the last week.
It allows you to get statistical information from your selected date
up to the next 7 days. [Update Time: after UTC 01 every day]

Metadata Record

1. Total Metadata Number

2. Metadata rate of Group

3. Changed Metadata Number

4. Deleted Metadata Number

Aggregated Cache Data Status

5. The number and size of cache data by WIS-Category in GISC Seoul

6. The number and size of cache data by CCCC of WIS-Category in GISC Seoul

If you select the specific date on the calenda and push the button "DOWNLOAD", the service of daily status will be provided on the format of EXCEL. In other words, GISC Seoul have the EXCEL-shown cache in stock so that you can get them on a 24-hour basis. So before downloading them, you had better check the cache-in-stock list.